Saturday 19 June 2010

Prep: Compulsory Reading - "How to serve Low Mass"

The doyen of MC's, Mr Arthur Crumly, has published on his Blog an excellent and thorough guide to serving at Low Mass. This should be compulsory reading for all servers of the traditional mass:

There are doubtless matters of local usage that will differ from Mr Crumly's excellent guide: It is unusual for the server to carry the Missal to the altar nowadays, even though that seems to be in the rubrics; many of us will say the Confiteor before communion, unless the priest objects; and so on.

However, if everyone who serves mass read this guide, and put it into practice, the standard of serving would be improved immeasurably.


  1. As you say, there are odd points which will not apply everywhere; but it is in general a most excellent Guide, which should be mandatory reading for every Server of the Traditional Mass.

  2. Perhaps we should ask for permission to reprint it in booklet format for our Members ?

  3. Dear Dominic Mary,

    I have no objection to anyone reprinting in booklet format my guide to serving at Low Mass, so long as they acknowledge my copyright.

    God bless,