Friday 14 December 2018

Server Training days in London in 2019

With apologies for the long dormancy of the Society, it is now being revived with new statutes, a new and specially designed medal for members, and a series of events where servers can be trained and also enrolled in the Society.
The LMS website's page on the Society of St Tarcisius has been updated, and this links to a pdf with information about the aims of the SST and the grades of altar server which it contains.
No one at present has any of these grades, but at the training events already arranged (see below) and other such events we can have the necessary brief tests and enroll people at the appropriate level.
I would like to hear from anyone will to attend at these events as a trainee or trainer, or simply to be enrolled (please specify your level of experience).
I would also like to hear from anyone willing to organise training events elsewhere in the country.
Contact me through
With best wishes for Advent and Christmas,
Joseph Shaw

Training days in London

Saturday 16th February in St Mary Moorfields,
Saturday 9th March in St Mary Moorfields,
Saturday 11th May in Our Lady of the Assumption, Warwick Street.
All levels of serving can be addressed, and servers can be enrolled in the Society and receive its splendid new medal.
Days begin at 10:30am: full details here. Please book so we know who to expect, indicating your level of experience, what you would like to learn, or at what grade you feel you could be enrolled:
These training days in London are running in parallel with Vestment Mending Days with the Guild of St Clare, in the basement of the churches where the training is taking place. Details of these events can be found here.

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