Tuesday 15 June 2010

Moving swiftly on .... time for some Reparation to the Blessed Sacrament

This prayer of Reparation to the Blessed Sacrament, from the Raccolta, was used at the launch of the Sodality in Oxford on 15th May.

It's from the translation of the Raccolta by Fr Ambrose St John, best known as the Birmingham Oratorian who was such a good friend of Cardinal Newman, and who was for a long-period Headmaster of the Oratory School in the early days. A recent biography of Newman refers to him sitting with Fr St John, who would drink brandy and orange, listening while the great man expounded his thoughts.

This 1857 translation of the Raccolta is available http://www.liturgialatina.org/raccolta/index.htm

(The "impostors" referred to in the prayer are, I believe, spiritualists, mediums, astrologers, and such like.)

The politically correct, if by any chance such have stayed onto this Blog, are warned that this prayer may not be to their taste.

Prayer of Reparation to the Blessed Sacrament

Jesus, my God, my Saviour, true God and true Man, with that most profound homage with which the faith itself inspires me, I adore and love Thee with my whole heart, enclosed in the most august Sacrament of the Altar, in reparation for all the acts of irreverence, profanation, and sacrilege, which I may ever have been so unhappy as to have committed, as well as for all such like acts that ever have been done, or which may be done, though God forbid they should be, in ages yet to come.

I adore Thee, therefore, my God, not indeed as Thou deservest, nor as much as I am bound to adore, but as far as I am able; and I would that I could adore Thee with all the perfection of which all reasonable persons are capable.

Meantime I purpose now and ever to adore Thee, not only for those Catholics who adore Thee not, and love Thee not, but also in the stead of, and for the conversion of all heretics, schismatics, impious atheists, blasphemers, impostors, Mahometans, Jews, and idolaters.

Jesus, my God, mayest Thou be ever known, adored, loved, and praised every moment, in the most holy and divine Sacrament. Amen.

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