Tuesday 19 June 2012

Devotions for Holy Communion

Devotions for Holy Communion

Over on the Liturgia Latina blog, Devotions to prepare for and give thanksgiving for Holy Communion have been posted. These prayers are from "The Garden of the Soul" and have been used by generations of Catholics, from the time of Bishop Challoner to today.

Altar servers can all to easily forget to say prayers of preparation and thanksgiving. What with setting up for mass, and clearing the sanctuary, the time drifts away.

But it is important to receive Our Lord's true Body with proper preparation and thanksgiving. Always make a point of saying at least some prayer on arrival at Church and before departing. If your prayers at Church are curtailed by things to do, why not say some at home before departing for Mass, and later after you return.

Using a set of prayers regularly - like these from the Garden - is a good discipline. Routine and discipline are useful in the spiritual life. We are formed spiritually by our devotions and our regular prayers. Why not go for some of the best?

See this link here for the Devotions: