Sunday 17 September 2023

September Training Day


Following the record number of trainee servers we had in June--24--we had a good number last Saturday, of 14 plus four instructors. They came from as far as St Bede's, Clapham Park, Chislehurst, and... Poland. It is interesting to note that while a number of people come for training in Low Mass, many also come for instruction in the different roles of Sung Mass, from places where there is Sung Mass every Sunday. This time we also had a group wanting to go through Benediction.


Four of the trainees were enrolled into the Society.


The Guild of St Clare also had lots of volunteers to help mend vestments, and had a very productive day.

The next Server Training / Vestment mending day will be on Saturday 18th November (booking page).

Doors open at 10 for a start at 10:30; we finish around 3:30pm. More about the venue here.