Monday 24 May 2010

How to join


1. Full membership will be open to any Catholic boy or man who is able correctly and devoutly to serve low Mass in the traditional rite. Where applicants for membership are not known to the Secretary, a reference may be required to ensure that this condition is fulfilled.
2. Those not yet able to fulfil the requirement for full membership, but in training, may be admitted as probationary members.
3. Others who wish to may join as supporters.

The Society is also seeking to invite experienced servers to become MCs of the Society. These will be the liturgical "experts" of the Sodality, charged with upholding standards, assisting with training of other servers, and countersigning applications for membership. If you would like to nominate anyone for an invitation to become an MC, or volunteer yourself, then please contact the Secretary.

Although the Society has been inaugurated in England, members from other countries are equally welcome.

There is no fee or subscription for membership, though donations will be gratefully accepted.
Membership is on application to the Secretary.

Download a membership leaflet and application form here:

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