Saturday 22 May 2010

Launch of the Sodality

On Saturday 15th May 2010, at Blackfriars, Oxford, a newly founded Sodality of Servers of the traditional Latin mass (“extraordinary form”) was inaugurated. This took place in the context of a training day for experienced altar servers, arranged by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, who were seeking to improve their understanding of the ceremonies of sung solemn mass. Thirty servers were present at the event, with the training being delivered by Fr Armand de Mallerey FSSP, Br Lawrence Lew OP, Mr David Forster, and Mr Richard Hawker.

The new Sodality has been founded at the request of numerous servers of the traditional Mass, who desired a society that would encourage them in their work on the altar, provide training for both new servers and the more experienced, promote a high standard of reverent and exact service, and form a network through which servers can stay in touch and share resources.

The Sodality is sponsored by the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, though membership is open to those from other countries who may wish. It has taken as its patron St Tarcisius, a Roman acolyte who was martyred during one of the fierce persecutions of the third century, while defending the Holy Eucharist from profanation. The Sodality has taken “Fidelis usque ad mortem” – Faithful even unto death – as its motto, and seeks to inculcate in servers an intense devotion and reverence to Our Lord in the Eucharist, as well as a precise attention to the ceremonies of Mass.

A website for the Society has been inaugurated – – where further details will be found. Anybody wishing to join the Sodality should contact the Secretary, Mr David Forster, at

Photographs of the training event on Saturday can be seen at

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