Tuesday 26 March 2013

Holy Week Serving Notes

It is now possible to download serving notes for Holy Week, according to the 1962 usage, from the fine website of Romanitas Press: http://romanitaspress.com/index.htm. The form there is adapted for use at ceremonies without a deacon or subdeacon.

"These FREE notes include detailed instructions for the servers (and celebrant), diagrams, footnotes and many tips and explanations concerning preparations and the execution of the ceremonies not found in other manuals."

[It may be noted that there is a slightly different version of the same notes available, with adaptations as practised by the SSPX, on http://acss.sspxusa.org/rubrics.aspx For those who didn't know, the SSPX commonly uses the 1962 usage, but with a few pre-1955 customs, as practised at the seminary of Econe.]

There is also, on the same website, a new chapter of "Peregrinus Gasolinus: Wandering notes on the Liturgy", which is both amusing and informative.

(Chapter 36) 
We have finally arrived at Pusco's Church Goods - and what an adventure is in store: from forbidden altar boys' cinctures, capes and zuchettos, to incorrectly-made albs... causing the Liturgiologist to explode in righteous rubrical indignation. .... Read more.

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