Tuesday 8 January 2013

Your Sodality Needs You!

Happy New Year, and indeed Epiphanytide.

What are the plans of the Sodality for 2013? That depends largely on the members!

For those who don't know, the Sodality has no large Headquarters, full-time staff, and professional organizers. It only has its members.

There is in fact a Secretary (shared with the Latin Mass Society) and some secretarial support from the LMS Office. Beyond that, it's entirely up to the members.

The Secretary is responsible for enrolling new members and keeping the records, providing joining booklets for new members and various other materials, and updating this website from time to time.

The following are also planned for 2013:

Production of the St Tarcisius Medal for full members;
Editing of a number of guides for servers, which will be available for download or purchase;
An email bulletin at least every quarter;
Possibly a day of training for MCs, probably in the South of England.

Apart from that, what else would you like to happen? Could you organize it? Or would you like to put a notice on this blog asking others to help you?

The following would be particularly welcome:

MCs who are prepared to form local groups of the Sodality;
Those willing to contribute items to this Blog, or to a quarterly bulletin;
Those willing to arrange server training in their areas (we can help to publicize it);
Those willing to help to edit printed material into printable form.

If you would like to offer help with any of these, please email secretary@saint-tarcisius.org.uk

"Ask not what the Sodality can do for you, but what you can do for the Sodality."

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