Monday 8 August 2011

Incensed incense

This definitely comes into the category of 'don't try this at home', but it is something which occasionally happens: if the charcoal is too hot, the incense, instead of smouldering, catches fire, with flames. This was first posted on the LMS Chairman blog.

By chance this particular occasion was caught on video. You can see that the trouble started when the extra incense was put onto the coals.


Some of the comments on the Gloria TV page (where the video has been watched more than 3,500 times!) are helpful, notably:

'Just lift the lid and blow it out and immediately drop the lid and you should be good to go. Sure beats possibly catching linens on fire.'

In this case the thurifer had no difficulty in extinguishing the flames when he got the thurible back into the sacristy. Had he noticed it sooner, he could have taken quicker action.

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