Sunday 8 May 2011

Arthur Crumley, RIP

This website has previously drawn the attention of its readers to the writings of Mr Arthur Crumley, previously leading Master of Ceremonies of the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales. Mr Crumley was a firm defender of the traditional liturgy, and upholder of high standards of service at the altar.

The news has been received that Mr Crumley died earlier this weekend. He had, apparently, been suffering form the effects of a minor stroke last year.

Reader, please pray for his soul.

In memoria aeterna erit justus. Ab auditione mala non timebit.


  1. Thank you for this post. I remember Arthur very well in the 1980 s when I joined the Latin Mass Society and seeing me in the congregation at various Masses in London suggested that I start serving.I must admit that I was terrified at the time but with his great knowledge of the rubrics of the Mass and his encouragement I learned so much and now serve Mass regularly with confidence . I thank the Lord for his service to the church and The Latin Mass Society . May Our Lord have mercy on his soul. Nicholas Dyson

  2. It is very sad news. As well as his liturgical attributes Arthur was also a loyal friend to many people. He had many other talents not least his culinary skills. Arthur could make a delicious meal out next to nothing.

    It is tragic that Arthur's fear of doctors prevented him seeking medical intervention several years ago. I know of several devoted friends who went to enormous efforts to try and get him to see a doctor, alas he would have none of it.

    May he rest in peace.