Saturday 8 October 2011

Possible design for a medal

Members of the Sodality will know that it is hoped to produce a medal at some point, which could be worn on a royal blue ribbon or cord while serving mass or on other occasions. Two issues: cost - which could be considerable; and design.

I have recently purchased a medal of the design below, which is about an inch in diameter, and is of a Congregation of St Tarcisius (Martyr). It's source is Argentina; date unknown, possibly 1910-ish?

The design is of St Tarcisius, clearly carrying the Blessed Sacrament under a cloth. You will remember that our saint was martyred while protecting the Body of Our Lord, which he had been commissioned by the Pope to carry to those in prison in that time of persecution. The palm branch is a symbol of martyrdom.

Our Sodality could adopt a similar design, but with 'Sodalitas Sancti Tarcisii' around the top rather than the name of the Spanish congregation. I'd like to get in our motto 'Fidelis usque ad mortem' but it may get rather overcrowded.

The obverse of the original medal is blank. Members could, if they wished, have their names inscribed on the back with the date of enrollment.

Cost will still be an issue. Casting such a medal would not be cheap.

But for now, what about the design - any comments would be welcome.


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