Saturday 11 December 2010

Maiden yet a Mother

To celebrate the octave of the Immaculate Conception, Rorate Sunday, and the coming of Christmas, here is a hymn to our Lady. The original was by Dante Alighieri - the author of the Divine Comedy - and this translation is by Mgr Ronald Knox.

Maiden yet a mother,
daughter of thy Son,
high beyond all other,
lowlier is none;
thou the consummation
planning by God’s decree,
when our lost creation
nobler rose in thee!

Thus his day prepared,
he who all things made
‘mid his creature tarried,
in thy bosom laid;
there his love he nourished,
warmth that gave increase
to the root whence flourished
our eternal peace.

Noon on Sion’s mountain
is thy charity;
hope its living fountain
find, on earth, in thee:
lady, such thy power,
he, who grace would buy
not as of thy dower,
without wings would fly.